Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sisih Cup XII: And We Have A Winner!

Cis, tak thrilling langsung:

Galaktikus XI 2011/12 got spanked 82.5-124.5 by kakibangku united. Not worth commenting, haha (sebenarnya takde idea). And we have a winner! (and kakibangku leapfrogged everyone to the top spot in the league)

Hoi, komen la sikit! ataupun contribute! Got dem!

Friday, September 02, 2011

SF Results & FINAL!!

Semifinal results:

shambai79 vs Galaktikus XI 2011/12

shambai scored the 4th highest points in the league for the week, unfortunately he was up against the 3rd highest point scorer. Too bad. Galaktikus advancing to the final after a high scoring (133.5 - 121.5) win.

Flying Deadpan vs kakibangku united

same story - Deadpan's score of 115.5 was by no means sampah, but it got pwned by kakibangku's 120.5.


And then there were 2: Galaktikus XI 2011/12 will slug it out with kakibangku united for the first cup of the season. Both teams have never won it before, more surprisingly in case of Galaktikus, who is constantly a high finisher in the league.

On to the Final!