Monday, November 17, 2008

Sisih Cup I - Breaking News

Stop press - tukartiub style;

butterCupp lives up to his reputation as a Cup specialist, thumping Galaktikus by 79.5 to 61.5 this week. 3 no-shows for Galaktikus really hurt as his front 3's combined time on the pitch was a grand 90 minutes, and with no goals to show. Not really a high scoring match up, but a win is a win, and butterCupp collects his fifth Cup win in style.

Classification for this week to come up later...


mohsein shariff said...

3 cupps in a row..
me already sounds like man utd yet
in arsenal disguise.

limaupurut said...

jangan dikelirukan cup glory dengan the bigger prize (ie the league title) hahaha

galaktikus said...

alah.. aku gi scout serie A buleh aa.. demit.. was having carrick berba.. pegi beli rooney pulak.. bosan betul..

Mohd Raziff Bin Zaaba said...

hahaha..kalu setakat sisih cuo je tak jeles kira Carling Cup standard je hahaha...utk team2 'bawahan' merasakan kemenangan :P